The debate over intelligence has long been a futile one because the emphasis has long been success in school equates to success at work. Most of us have failed to recognise how low achievers in school have turned out extremely confident and successful later with many academically competent ones dwindling in the later years. Individuals may be academically or technically competent but may not utilise the fundamental resources available to them which allow others to connect with them and be connected with themselves. This debate about cognitive competence (IQ, technical, academia) and emotional competence (self-awareness, social skills, perseverance, empathy and self control) have had many psychologists and researchers in the spotlight because of their invaluable findings which favour the latter.

Come and explore the myriad of ways to connect with people through essential people skills and realise that intelligence can be built if you develop emotional awareness. This workshop is fully hands-on and highly interactive through activities, videos and discussions, meant for people who realise that emotions drive our feelings, attitudes, mood and behaviors and ultimately our sense of well-being. Come and explore your own resources!


  • Understand why EQ is critical for effectiveness at work and in your personal life.
  • Determine the very patterns that result in success or repeated difficulties.
  • Learn practical tips and techniques that would enable one to manage impulses and exercise self-control.
  • Understand the value of optimism and how to practice it on a daily basis.
  • Practice empathic listening and communication and how it impacts when dealing with others.
  • Be aware of one’s present values, attitude and behavior and its consequent impact on other people.
  • Differentiate their present practices with the skills taught and develop plans to start a new life.


  • Activities to access feelings.
  • Problem definition and case studies.
  • Reflection and group discussion.
  • Role-plays.
  • Videos.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Know what Emotional Intelligence is and why it matters.
  • Be more self-aware and how it is a building block of emotional confidence.
  • Understand how emotions affect personal performance.
  • Build relationships through better communication skills and techniques.
  • Resolve conflicts more confidently using emotional intelligence.

Target Audience

Frontline Staff and Executives.

What People Are Saying

“This course helps me identify my strength and weaknesses.”

Yahya Abu Hassan
Supreme Court

“Marion has good rapport with the participants. Course is conducted in a lively manner. Trainer puts in tremendous efforts. Well done! A job well done!”

Paul Lee Gek Boon
Supreme Court

“The trainer makes the session very interesting and enjoyable. Kudos to you, Marion!”

Lena Soh
Supreme Court

“The trainer (Marion) is highly knowledgeable in her profession and her delivery is strong.”

Christian Xavier Chong
Health Sciences Authority

“The course facilitator maintained a clear and positive and engaging energy level throughout the course. She was able to deliver the material with effect. Thank you.”

Reuben V.
Health Sciences Authority

“The facilitator is very friendly and approachable; I enjoyed the course; a lot of laughter and fun. Marion was able to fully catch my attention; I’ve learned a lot today! Good job!”

Deleon Madonna Salas
Health Sciences Authority

“A lot of us, me included, attended a course on EQ by Marion without knowing what to expect. In fact we all were not sure on the effectiveness of it. In the end I found it very useful and made me more critical of my actions and words when dealing with people. She made the course very lively with lots of engaging exercise and games. Having a seminar in the afternoon after a meal is not easy but she managed to keep everyone interested and awake for the whole duration! Kudos to her. Applying what I learnt now in my everyday affair.”

Dr Choo Keang Hai
Co-Managing Director, Lee & Lee Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

The Facilitator

» Marion Nicole Teo

Administrative Details

Date: 29 September 2017
Venue: T.B.C.

Early Bird Special: SGD 400 nett.
Group Discount for 2 or more participants: SGD 425 nett per person.
Regular Fee: SGD 500 nett.

Workshop Bonus 1: EQ Competency Profile.
Workshop Bonus 2: Book by Ms Marion Nicole Teo titled Happy Once Again: Beauty from the Inside Out.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637 & (+65) 9777 2818
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