ResilienceThis 4-day certification is aimed at consultants, facilitators, HR business partners and coaches and will equip you with the knowledge, skills and accreditation to administer and deliver PsyCap7 and Resilience Index psychometrics and coaching interventions to varied 1-1 and group audiences internationally.

  • Learn how to measure and develop critical psychological capabilities that underpin an individual’s workplace performance, interpersonal effectiveness and future success.
  • Understand how to measure and develop the five factors of positive resilience that influence an individual’s ability to thrive, not just survive in the workplace, particularly under periods of change, challenge or adversity.
  • Develop your coaching skills and resources through proven techniques and the STAR Coaching Model.
  • Receive PsyCap7 and Resilience Index accreditation and resources to administer and coach on two unique psychometric tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of the core psychological capabilities that differentiate successful individuals in the workplace.
  • Develop your own personal capabilities, and your skills in coaching and developing others.
  • Develop key coaching skills and learn coaching interventions that support individuals to develop critical psychological capabilities.
  • Gain a greater appreciation into your own strengths and development areas.


PsyCap7 measures seven critical psychological capabilities. These are not specific skills or knowledge, but rather the personal qualities that influence an individual’s professional and personal success. PsyCap7 is underpinned by 7 core factors: Self Regard, Personal Mastery, Control, Outcome Expectations, Emotional Regulation, Ambition, and Goal Orientation, which are at the heart of predicting performance and potential.

Resilience Index

Positive resilience is a key capability that differentiates people’s ability to thrive, not just survive in the workplace. It is the ability to build a strong base of positive resilience from which people can launch, sustain and grow themselves. Building on the research coming out of Stanford University, our own research has led to the development of the Resilience Index.

Resilient people are focused, tenacious and determined. They have developed highly effective ways of operating that help protect them against the negative effects of stress and pressure, allowing them to ‘bounce-back’ and recover from setbacks, and ‘bounce-forward’ from those experiences to adapt, learn and grow.

STAR Coaching

STAR Coaching is about creating the right coaching conditions for identifying meaning, generating strategic alternative realities and building commitment for action. It is about providing a coaching environment that enables individuals to explore and experiment, to test limiting beliefs, and build commitment for action through identifying meaning and enhancing motivation.

The STAR Coaching Model has 5 elements – each representing the skills, techniques and methods that are essential for coaching success. The STAR model provides a process that enables the coach to give shape and focus to their coaching. It provides a structure for self-reflection and provides an evidence-based process for generating real and sustainable shift in perspective and performance.

Certification Outline

ResilienceDay 1 & 2

  • Experience the seven critical psychological capabilities and five factors of positive resilience through activities, discussions and sharing.
  • Understand performance and potential in the workplace from a humanistic perspective.
  • Discover the concept of collective positive resilience.

5 Online Modules

  • Learn the purpose and best practice applications of PsyCap7 and the Resilience Index.
  • Know how to use the psychometric instruments to professionally interpret results to support development.
  • Learn how to administer the psychometrics on the Enable platform.

Day 4

  • Review your coaching skills against the STAR Coaching Model.
  • Practice coaching skills and techniques bespoke to the seven psychological capabilities and the five factors of positive resilience.
  • Practical assessment to gain accreditation to administer and coach on each of the psychometrics.

What You Will Receive

  • Your own individual profiler reports of the PsyCap7 and Resilience Index.
  • Technical guide for understanding the underpinning research and theory.
  • Support guide for understanding and interpreting different profile configurations.
  • Coaching guide for delivering effective 1-1 coaching interventions on each psychometric, using the STAR Coaching Model.
  • Exercises and templates to use with your coachee over several months.
  • Formal accreditation to administer, provide feedback and coach on each psychometric.

Target Audience

Consultants, Facilitators, HR Business Partners and Coaches.

The Facilitators

» Dr Granville Ed D’Souza
» Marion Nicole Teo

Created by:

Dr Belinda Board, PhD of PeopleWise, UK

Dr Belinda BoardDr Belinda Board is a globally respected business psychologist, researcher and educator. She is an Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with a doctorate in clinical psychology, postgraduate degrees in Organisational and Forensic Psychology and a Ph.D. in leadership behaviours and workplace well-being.

As a leading psychologist and executive coach to the business world, Belinda blends her deep psychological expertise with 20 years’ experience of working with business leaders around the globe, to enable deep and sustainable growth of psychological capabilities that are critical for individuals and organisations to thrive and succeed.

Belinda has built up extensive experience in the design and delivery of global end-to-end talent management solutions. She is a global specialist in organisational transformation, behaviourally-anchored assessment, executive coaching, strategic thinking, cultural diversity, psychometric tool design and leadership development.

Belinda’s research into leadership behaviours and workplace well-being has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. She is currently engaged with the University of Surrey and Florida Atlantic University on joint research projects that are investigating workplace well-being and leadership potential respectively.

Administrative Details

Early Bird Special: SGD 3,650 nett per person.
Group Discount for 2 or more participants: SGD 3,450 nett per person.
Regular Fee: SGD 4,050 nett per person.

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Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637, (+65) 9732 1384 & (+65) 9777 2818.
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