Behavioural Analysis is the study of the differences in human personality and behaviour. It deals with various internal needs which, when properly satisfied, empower individuals with motivation and encouragement. By identifying your motivational needs, you’ll be better equipped to understand and meet these needs in others. You will gain a new insight into personality differences, as well as learn powerful communication skills for more effective interaction.

What Is DISC (Dominant, Influential, Stable, Compliant)?

The DISC profile analysis facilitates an understanding of human behaviour. It explores 4 basic personality styles and you learn to better relate to someone of a different personality. These instruments are widely used in counselling and human resource management where supervisors and managers can better understand traits and characteristics of staff.

How Is DISC Administered?

What the subject has to do is complete a series of questions by selecting from a list of descriptions which Most and Least reflect them. A carbon copy on the reverse side creates a graph and the facilitator will help you interpret the results that will identify behavioural style.

Benefits Of DISC Profiling To You

  • Maximise personal strengths and minimise weaknesses.
  • Identify how and why people make decisions.
  • Reveal root communication problems in 7 – 8 minutes.
  • Gain greater sensitivity to others.
  • Effectively manage staff and volunteers.
  • How to distinguish between a person’s mask and his/her core self.
  • How comfortable you are with what you are doing and how much frustration you could be covering up.
  • Discover your relational orientation versus task orientation.
  • Recognise your stress patterns and whether it is as a result of intrinsic or extrinsic factors.


Benefits Of DISC Profiling To Others

  • Enhance teamwork.
  • Create a healthy environment for others to motivate themselves.
  • Gain greater sensitivity to others.
  • Develop focused and motivated teams.


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