About Us

EQ Asia is dedicated to teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in an engaging and thought-provoking way, blending fun and learning processes that translate into positive shifts and breakthrough results.

We deliver proven EQ programs to accelerate positive change – in business, government, and education. With 20 years of experience conducting EQ programs in the Asian region, their consultants have supported clients in Singapore and throughout ASEAN including AMEX, HSBC, SIA, Shell, Hewlett Packard and many more leading companies. These learnable skills – including emotional literacy, optimism, empathy, trust, building effective relationships, management of impulses, and resiliency – create self-awareness, self-management, and self-direction.

We utilize EQ profiling, personality and behavioral profiling, coaching and psychotherapy to guarantees results with those who seek change and transformation.

Our aim is to help people achieve a much higher capacity of thinking about different areas of their lives so as to experience much greater levels of personal achievement. Although EQ is presented frequently as conceptual, our work is not just cognitive. Our main intention is to keep experimenting and using different strategies that allow people to experience noticeable change.

  • EQ Facilitation & Coach Certification: a comprehensive certification equipping people to create positive change at work and in your personal life.
  • Enneagram Spectrum Certification which is a certification given out by Dr Jerome Wagner, a world leader in Enneagram Studies.
  • In-House Training: customised delivery of powerful EQ and Resilience learning programs to improve leadership, teams, customer service, sales, and to build a healthy and competitive organizational culture.
  • Consulting: using our powerful methodology to get to the heart of performance, enroll people in change, and build a thriving organisation.

What We Specialise In

Core Team

Group CEO of EQ Asia Pte Ltd and Peak Performers

Group COO at EQ Asia and the Director at Peak Performers Training & Consultancy

Emotional Intelligence Specialist & Coach, CEO & Founder of SuperChampz, Entrepreneur, Motivator, Author & Creator of The EQ SUCCESS CODE Indicator.

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, and consultant in private practice.