Indonesia Team

Emil Atmadjaya

Over a span of over 15 years of professional experience in people development, Emil’s expertise is strongly anchored in character development, public speaking, leadership, Team building, sales & marketing and emotional intelligence. He has been facilitating workshops with Fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries in Indonesia and coached extensively with C-Suite leaders to explore their untapped potential and transforming these individuals to be the best version of themselves. His fun, energetic training approach has been effective at evoking enthusiasm and deep interests among his participants. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics with extensive experience in the aforementioned industries. His clientele portfolio range from retailers, corporations, banks, hospitals, private & government institutions, interest groups to individuals. Emil also holds a position as one of the Associate Coaches of Dynargie Asia and is a certified EQ facilitator and coach with EQ Asia.

» Leadership Coaching Certification – ICF
» Intercultural Coaching Certification – ICF
» Trainer, and Motivator of Character Building Camp
» Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners – NLP
» Certified Neuro Assosiative Conditioning Practitioners – NAC

Andry Bernady

Andry holds a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business & Information System) and Master of Commerce degrees (International Business) from University of New South Wales. His professional training in the field of business started at a very young age, when he incorporated his first company Sirius Electronics Pty Ltd back in 2007; a Sydney based company that provide student’s supplies for universities across Australia. Notably, his business experiences span over a wide spectrum of industries, from trade (manufacturing, export/import, wholesale, retail) to service (Hospitality – F&Bs, Consultancy). Andry’s exposure to these various industries have elevated his repertoire of skills as a business consultant and coach for SMEs in Australia and Indonesia for over a decade. He is a Certified EQ Coach & Trainer with EQ Asia and now specializes in grooming global corporate citizens.

Eny Surya

Eny holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Boston University and a Master of Business System from Monash University. Professionally, her working experience include a wide segment from advertising, corporate communication, marketing, human resource management to IT Business Analyst. Her industrial exposure includes the largest advertising agency in New England, Massachusetts, with the opportunity to handle MNCs’ corporate accounts; largest switches manufacturing company in the world; largest industrial explosives company in the world and a long-standing global paint manufacturing company in the world. The opportunities of working with global MNCs and exposure to global brand management for a number of years has gifted her with a wide network of professionals and key decision makers. Being a Certified EQ Trainer with EQ Asia, Eny aims to renew the mindset of individuals from a young age group and extending it to families.