Research has shown time and again high IQ does not necessarily translate to success. Individuals may be academically or technically competent but may not utilize the fundamental resources available to them which allow others to connect with them. This is the underlying missing link which segregates brain competence (IQ, technical, academia) and emotional competence (self-awareness, social skills, perseverance, empathy).

In a world where technology is beginning to replace peoples’ competence, there may come a time when we may just lose the heart and soul of the corporation. EQ is the need dimension which takes service from being good to delightful. Being EQ competent not only enhances your chances of success at work but also your success in other aspects of your life, through happier and healthier relationships. Practicing the elements related to emotional intelligence in service helps people work with passion, access the intrinsic drive that makes every encounter a people centred one. You will notice the difference when warmth and a love for what one does is missing in any encounter.

This 2-day workshop will equip you with skills and knowledge on how to know your customers better, manage their expectations and meet their needs. It will also help you develop the essential skills necessary for you to lead a happier, more success filled life, enhance interpersonal connections with your customers and colleagues and at the same time provide a new perspective on your life experiences. Learn how to harness your feelings, attitudes, moods and behaviors into energy that will work for you and not against you.

Activities conducted will enhance your ability to communicate effectively, get in touch with your emotions and work better with one another. Through role play and case studies, you will gain more confidence in how to handle difficult customers, to take service recovery steps and to go the extra mile to delight your customer.


Frontline staff and support staff who deal directly with customers.


  • Establish what excellent customer service is all about and developing a service culture.
  • Understand the importance emotional intelligence has in delivering effective service.
  • Know the impact of emotions on our performance at work and how to manage it in the most effective way possible.
  • Develop effective communication skills to interact professionally with customers whether face to face interaction, through email and telephone handling.
  • Use practical tips and techniques to have better control of their impulses and exercise self-control.
  • Learn and practice simple tools that help maintain a positive mindset when dealing with difficult customers.
  • Identifying ones strengths and limitations to improve on interpersonal relations.
  • Handle difficult customers effectively with increased empathy and to retain their patronage.
  • Learn customer care techniques and how to improve one’s personal effectiveness.
  • Know the importance of going the extra mile and persevering and the value it has on their customers.


Administrative Details

Facilitator: Marion Nicole Teo.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 9777 2818
or e-mail

What People Are Saying

“Marion is thoroughly prepared for the workshop and is meticulous with her details. Her warm and engaging personality made it easy for all levels of participants to relate with her and the subject that she is training. Other than finding the course very helpful, the participants had great fun attending Marion’s workshop.”

Ms Jacquelynne Lee
Head, Human Resource
John Hancock Life Assurance Co Ltd

“Marion is very professional, and relates with all her clients well. She is personable and her work results are superb. We have used her many times for consultation and she is on the top of our list if we do need her area of expertise again.”

James Lee
Human Resource Manager
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
29 July 2010

“I really love the trainer Marion, as she’s very engaging, friendly and the first trainer that is able to make a course fun. The activities we were involved in builds rapport and at the same time have very deep meaning behind them without us realizing.”

Nur Assyakirin
Customer Service Officer
Housing & Development Board

“The activities were fun and engaged everyone. The sharing sessions were relevant and important to our work.”

Lee Li Siang Loretta
Customer Service Officer
Housing & Development Board

“Interesting videos and presentation of the whole course. I found the role plays in tackling difficult customers and to navigate our emotions to be the most useful.”

Desmond Tan Chee Wee
Housing & Development Board