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The debate over intelligence has long been a futile one because the emphasis has largely been that success in school equates to success at work. Most of us have failed to recognise how low achievers in school have turned out extremely confident and successful later with many academically competent ones dwindling in the later years. Individuals may be academically or technically competent but may not utilise the fundamental resources available to them which allow others to connect with them and be connected with themselves. This debate about cognitive competence (IQ, technical, academia) and emotional competence (self-awareness, social skills, perseverance, empathy and self control) have had many psychologists and researchers in the spotlight because of their invaluable findings which favour the latter.

Come and explore the myriad of ways to connect with people through essential people skills and realise that intelligence can be built if you develop emotional awareness. The workshops are fully hands-on and highly interactive through activities, videos and discussions, meant for people who realise that emotions drive our feelings, attitudes, mood and behaviors and ultimately our sense of well-being.

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Leadership Programs

Leading With EQ (2-Day Program)

An engaging 2-day program where participants develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to increase their effectiveness at the “people side” of leadership. The course features a unique approach to learning that’s been effective for hundreds of professionals from six continents.
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Personify Leadership (2-Day Program)

Personify Leadership is an engaging 2-day, highly interactive program from the USA that provides comprehensive development for leaders. It is designed to be easy to apply and retain, and we wanted this to be reflected in our overall model. That’s why we created the body part model, broken down into 8 specific categories. Each individual category, or body part, is directly related to a leadership skill or competency. The training deconstructs each core competency, focusing on practical skills that you can apply immediately.
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Personify Leadership Certification

Would you like to lead a fun, highly interactive, and comprehensive leadership development program for your organization? Are you someone who genuinely cares about helping others achieve their best? Does your organization need leadership training on a large scale? If so, we invite you to consider certification in Personify Leadership.

Personify Leadership is a comprehensive leadership development program that can be broken down into six two-hour modules and one four-hour module, based on your organization’s delivery preference. In addition to our standard two-day curriculum, our Train the Trainer program involves two additional days for trainers to learn the how-to’s of successfully delivering this program to their customers and organization.
This program is based on years of research from professors, neuroscientists, theorists and practitioners alike, and is consolidated into an easy-to-understand, applicable format for adult learners.
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