This 5-day EQ Certification meant for keynote speakers, consultants, facilitators and coaches will equip you with content, activities, research, templates, guides and ready handouts to deliver EQ interventions immediately to varied audiences internationally. Over the last 18 years, the team has experimented with a plethora of activities and creative modules for varied audiences from frontline to Senior Management and have documented them in a book which will be given away during the workshop. EQ Asia’s EQ Certification is about the practical application of Emotional Intelligence for an adult audience. Sessions can be tailored for young adults as well.

In this certification, you will experience how a typical EQ workshop is conducted in the first 2 days with a larger group. The 3rd day is dedicated to deepening your understanding of training an EQ workshop and designing a 1 and 2 day outline. The 4th day will be spent understanding the coaching content, debriefing the EQCP profile and facilitating coaching templates with clarity so that you’d be able to debrief and coach with confidence. Finally, the 5th day is spent participating in, observing different presentations and enhancing your repertoire of activities and training skills. This jam packed 5 day EQ Certification is meant to get you practicing and teaching the content immediately after the workshop. Our full 2 day workbook, slides, TTT manual, Coach workbook and 50 Games EQ Trainers Play Activity book will be available to you so that you do not struggle putting the pieces together after the certification.

Certification Benefits

  • Be equipped with a full range of tools to help people find their purpose, passion achieve fulfilment with what they are doing.
  • Learn methods that help you connect easily with others, communicate effectively and establish powerful relationships at work.
  • Experience a full blown 2-day workshop that you will learn to deliver.
  • Learn to build your 1 or 2-day workshop filled with research, activities and templates for use in either a corporate setting or informal group.
  • Utilize our trademark “50 Activities EQ Trainers Play” to build additional workshops in addition to being given a 2-day workshop.
  • Learn the EQ Competency Framework and how to debrief and coach your clients.
  • Practice coaching each other in each of the EQ competencies through various templates and activities shared.

What People Are Saying

“EQ training has always been something that I wanted to explore, and when I found (through Google) that EQ Asia was offering a certification training in this topic, I jumped at the opportunity. Granville took on my enquiry on email and was very patient in responding to all my questions in multiple emails, he was also generous in sharing his thoughts about what’s relevant in the current marketplace.

This is a 5-day course which means that the venue was critical. EQ Asia was considerate in choosing a lovely hotel that provided a good learning environment and located near an MRT station. The materials given as part of the program were definitely more than expected – From the training slides, to the facilitator guide and learners’ workbook. We were also given Granville’s book as a resource and a list of 50 activities which EQ trainers can use.

As this is a train-the-trainer program, I believe that the expectations from some of the participants were higher than normal. Both trainers of the program – Granville and Marion, were extremely knowledgeable as well as experienced in the industry, and were able to articulate each learning activity and concept clearly, while patiently answering all our questions and explaining how we can contextualize the training or coaching in difference scenarios. They partnered really well together and were also fun-loving, bringing much laughter to the training, and allowing the participants to blossom in a safe and comfortable environment. The training was filled with authenticity which made the learners open up to share generously with each other.

I’m definitely grateful that I attended the training and I would do it all over again. Thanks Granville and Marion!”

Cindy Tien
Senior Consultant & Corporate Trainer

“Granville and Marion were authentic and engaging in the way they facilitated the programme over the 5 days; modelling EQ and adopting an experiential approach to create a safe yet intense learning environment. Beyond the content, they generously offered wisdom gleaned from their own challenges and reversals in life, which truly resonated with me.
The programme was particularly effective in helping me understand my reactions under stressful circumstances and provided a framework to rethink my responses. Seeing the shift in myself and the other participants, as we used and practiced the skills learnt during the programme, really convinced me that EQ can have a significant impact on the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. Clearly, EQ is not just “mollycoddling at the workplace”, but there are concrete competencies and skill-sets that I can learn and apply.”

Christian Choo
Managing Partner
ZigZag Learning

“EQ is a subject that has always been close to my heart. I decided to sign up for the EQ Facilitation and Coach Certification immediately after I read the brochure and I’m certainly glad I’ve made the right choice. Granville and Marion have shared and given us wholeheartedly in terms of knowledge, materials, their experiences and these are all packaged in an experiential programme which is not only fulfilling but meaningful. It was also a great place to meet like-minded course mates. I’m truly inspired… a million thanks for this ‘gift’ I’ve received.”

Candice Cheng
General Manager, Corporate Training
Greater China
CHANEL Limited

“Dr Granville and Marion were an excellent team! They were very knowledgeable, had such depth of experiences and stories to share, and most of all, they were very open and patient with us as we were so eager to learn more. They were also very supportive and shared many tips and tools to aid us in the journey in EQ facilitation and training needs. The EQCP model designed by Dr Granville Marion & team is rich in content, applicable, yet succinct and easy to understand.”

Richard Matthias Lee
Life & Performance Coach
Rich Coaching & Associates

“An outstanding workshop! It has taught me to manage or regulate myself more effectively and deepen my self-awareness. During the workshop, the content discussions, activities and self-understanding check had challenged my thinking throughout the sessions and deepened my understanding of myself.”

Fion Leow
Legal Executive
Singapore Institute of Technology

“The time spent with you is definitely value for money! I have learnt to be a much better leader after doing my EQ and other Personality profile, especially coping with stress and learning how to further leverage on my strength. With that I am confident that I can excel very well in any organization. Great training and great guidance! Thanks!”

Ailene Lee
Vice President of Sales
Sales & Marketing Division
Singapore Post

“Integrating cutting edge neuroscience and powerful activities, this process will forever change the way we understand ourselves and our relationships. I will bring this program to Vietnam. Granville is not only an admirable EQ leader but also a great coach. I am really impressed with his years of experience and his proven methods.”

Ma Tien Toi
EQ Trainer & Coach

“A lot of us, me included, attended a course on EQ by Marion without knowing what to expect. In fact we all were not sure on the effectiveness of it. In the end I found it very useful and made me more critical of my actions and words when dealing with people. She made the course very lively with lots of engaging exercise and games. Having a seminar in the afternoon after a meal is not easy but she managed to keep everyone interested and awake for the whole duration! Kudos to her. Applying what I learnt now in my everyday affair.”

Dr Choo Keang Hai
Co-Managing Director
Lee & Lee Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

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The Facilitators

» Dr Granville Ed D’Souza
» Marion Nicole Teo

Administrative Details

Date: 1st to 5th April 2020
Early-bird Fee: SGD 3,700 (until 5th Feb 2020)
Group of 2 or more: SGD 3,500
Regular Fee: SGD 3,950
Venue: To be advised.
Includes Lunch & Tea Breaks

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EQ Games Trainers PlayBonus 1:
“50 EQ Games Trainers Play” book by
Dr Granville Ed D’Souza
and Marion Nicole Teo

Total Success BlueprintBonus 2:
“The Total Success Blueprint: Emotional Intelligence for
Breakthrough Performance and Lasting Happiness” book by
Dr Granville Ed D’Souza

If you like to explore more about this book, watch some
of the videos that feature the inspiration behind it here.

Bonus 3:
Debrief using the EQ Competence Framework

For more information and registration, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637 & (+65) 9732 1384
or e-mail