Learn the essentials of EFT in one day!

If you’ve just discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and haven’t been to a live training, this program will give you an express process to live a life of happiness, possibility and a clear path to manifesting your dreams. It will provide you with a process of rapid relief from the issues you have been facing for the most part of your life. You could obtain massive results with EFT. You’ll see the EFT technique demonstrated on a range of issues and get to experience using EFT on your own issues. You’ll also get the chance to practice the technique and have your questions about EFT answered by Granville D’Souza DBA, an experienced practitioner of EFT for the last 12 years who has taught EFT on issues ranging from trauma, phobias, changing belief systems, wealth manifestation, mental and emotional blocks to peak performance, stuck states, manifesting goals, low motivation, physiological challenges, confidence, self-esteem, etc.

Have you…

  • been trying to manifest your dreams, reach your goals and turn your life around but somehow still struggle?
  • been pulled back by a life event and are still reeling from it?
  • been afflicted by an upbringing riddled with negative reinforcement and find it difficult to get out of such self-defeating inner-dialogue?
  • used all the tools available in the market and still get the same old results?
  • paid thousands of dollars on self-improvement but still end up in the same place?
  • been wanting more happiness, possibility and a purposeful life but do not know how to manifest it?

Granville will show you how to use both the full version and the shortcut version of EFT, and also show you some additional comprehensive points to add to the basic EFT processes that are meant to make the process easy and effective. He will also outline how you can apply EFT to overcome the internal blocks to fulfill your dreams. This workshop is about getting emotional freedom to live a life of meaning and experience success you never thought was possible. Granville challenges you to bring a problem and see it get removed. Your attendance at this workshop is conviction enough that it can and will happen. If you want to achieve more of your potential and create the life you really want, this workshop will help you get started.

You will learn how to…

  • Install positive states and infuse them to achieve your goals.
  • Remove emotional wounds from the past and never see them ever again.
  • Clarify and remove doubts and blocks in your life so that they never bother you again.
  • Be closer to your dreams by chopping away baggage that has weighed you down.
  • Change beliefs and remove unwanted beliefs.
  • Work on a list of events in the past that hold you back and have them never bother you again.
  • Remove unconscious blocks you don’t even know you have and leave refreshed and in a state of total possibility.

Administrative Details

Facilitator: Dr Granville Ed D’Souza.

For more information, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637 & (+65) 9732 1384
or e-mail info@eqasia.com.