EQ From The Inside Out: Breakthrough Tools & Ideas for Living a Fulfilling Life.

Are you holding yourself back from achieving your dreams? What are you greatest strengths, and how can you use those better? Can you imagine harnessing your own emotions as a source of wisdom and energy?

This book will give you the practical tools to create the life you’ve always wanted.
Where many books ‘tell’ about emotional intelligence, finally, here is a book that shows you how. With practical, proven strategies based on current neuroscience and decades of real-world experience, EQ From The Inside Out is a powerful ally on your quest to become the best version of yourself.

Want to make changes in your health, relationships, career, and life? It’s time to get real about the internal battles that are holding you back, and rather than delving into years of therapy, equip yourself with a proven process of putting yourself in charge of your own emotions, your own thoughts, and your own actions.

“Over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and leaders, and over and over, I see people selling themselves short. They notice their own challenges, and put band-aids to cover their difficulties… but they don t change. But with a little help, they learn tools to unlock their own power — to transform limiting beliefs from the inside to align their own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Now you can, too.” – Dr. Granville D’Souza, author