Emotional Intelligence for Success and High Performance

Emotional Intelligence for High Performance is specifically for those who are seeking that extra edge in their career. This book reveals 9 fundamental competencies that can be learned and developed in weeks. You just have to stay focused and do the work. With the rapid takeover of technology in every industry, people must increasingly stand out from the hungry pack. And the energy to keep up with this wave of change requires a different mindset and attitude. In this book, you will:

  • Learn how purpose lays the foundation for passion and energy.
  • Practice Intra-personal skills such as consciousness, managing emotions and optimism which are the skills that top performers possess and use constantly.
  • Discover how self-efficacy and the related behaviors push performers to the front of the pack.
  • Harness your knowledge and practice of interpersonal skills such as trust, connection, influence and empathy. These building blocks forge everlasting relationships.

Each competency is explained through anecdotes and stories of top performers and less notable high-flyers who are making their mark on the world. And you can do the same by understanding these fundamental principles which the most successful people in the world have consciously or unconsciously mastered over time.