Emotional Intelligence for High Performance is specifically for those who are seeking that extra edge in their career. This book reveals 9 fundamental competencies that can be learned and developed in weeks. You just have to stay focused and do the work. With the rapid takeover of technology in every industry, people must increasingly stand out from the hungry pack. And the energy to keep up with this wave of change requires a different mindset and attitude

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Are you holding yourself back from achieving your dreams?What are you greatest strengths, and how can you use those better?Can you imagine harnessing your own emotions as a source of wisdom and energy?

This book will give you the practical tools to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Where many books ‘tell’ about emotional intelligence, finally, here is a book that shows you how. With practical, proven strategies based on current neuroscience and decades of real-world experience, EQ From The Inside Out is a powerful ally on your quest to become the best version of yourself.

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You Can Acquire Optimism & Resilience
Are you struggling to overcome certain challenges life has thrown at you?
Are you weighed down by your past memories?

Do you feel that as the years pass, the climb gets steeper and there are no signs of it letting up?
Do you wake up in the morning and wish that you had answers to inspire commitment and action to achieve happiness, peace & fulfillment?

Well, you are not alone. This book will enlighten you about the need to live a purposeful life.
Filled with a treasure trove of inspiring quotes and timeless nuggets of wisdom, Unshakeable Spirit brings to life 14 amazing people who tested and tasted the depths of human potential. Their remarkable achievements form the fabric of ideals that have been passed down for decades and they will remind you how to lead an extraordinary life.

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Happy Once Again

I have been an image trainer for many years, sharing with others how to create positive first impressions. But as time passed, I felt that I was just touching the surface: I wanted to help them become more confident about themselves. It was not just about looking good and feeling good on the outside, but to get deeper into themselves and find what was driving them.

After having found myself in a place where I was not satisfied with the direction my own life was heading, I decided to make changes. It started with a lot of self-awareness, then dropping the masks that I wore, making myself more vulnerable and exposed. That initially frightened me as I knew it would take time and effort from myself, and that the wounds from the past would have to be healed first.

I hope that in sharing my story, you may find something familiar and perhaps be able to take that first same step I took towards finding inner peace and happiness. Knowing that I am more real now makes me able to truly accept myself for who I am, rather than what I am not and I am much happier. My life’s focus has changed. First Impressions are still very important, but one needs to project more than just a professional or confident image, as this outer beauty does not last. What really makes an everlasting impression is the beauty that shines from within.