Why the 6 Seconds Pause?

Even without knowing what happens in 6 seconds, you have read or been told dozens of times what happens when your hot buttons are pressed. Why have people advised you to take a deep breath, count to 10, bite your tongue, pinch yourself at moments when an outburst is about to happen? Slow down,

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Nurturing Good to Great Salespeople

What have you witnessed in salespeople that are so off-putting that you would rather forego the purchase and not look further? I recently visited a popular retailer that sells cameras in Singapore and they were obviously more interested in selling the very high end cameras rather than the mid-range ones that are more commonly

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Mastering Emotional Literacy

The common understanding of Emotional Intelligence usually revolves around interpersonal competence, saying the right words and being charismatic. The roots of being able to do this lie in dealing with the inner game, i.e. understanding the essence of what emotions mean, how they make us tick and think and how they drive behaviour.. >>

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Intrinsic Motivation

Finding our intrinsic motivation is one of the fundamental quests in life, one we grapple with almost every day. Many think that finding our intrinsic motivation is the key to finding happiness. Intrinsic motivation is the fundamental basis for our feelings of contentment and aptitude — as well as our feelings of joy and

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The Language of Emotions

Emotional Intelligence is processing your thoughts with feelings to make optimal decisions. This may be the factor which helps differentiate an average performer from an outstanding one. People who are skilled at EQ are aware of their thoughts and feelings as well as that of others. In addition, they know how to manage these

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How to Improve Emotional Self-Awareness

Self-awareness requires an ability to tune into our true feelings, evaluate and monitor our emotions, and manage them. The goal is balance, not emotional suppression — recognizing that every feeling has its value and significance. The next step is realizing that we have the freedom of choice — that we are not beholden to

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Are you Emotionally Aware?

How do you think we compare to our western counterparts when looking inward and asking ourselves what has and has not worked in our lives? My experiences in Singapore have led me to believe that people here do little in the way of going back to the past and learning about what was useful

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How Optimists and Pessimists Think and Behave?

Certain people can put their troubles neatly into a box and go about their lives even when one part of it, their job or love life, is suffering. Optimists, however, should not be seen as blindly being positive in the face of crisis. They are able to deal with them as they happen. They

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