Beauty From The Inside OutWe have all heard this statement before, that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Thus we strive to make ourselves look more attractive so that others will accept us and like us. How many of us have gone on diets to make ourselves slimmer, gone shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories to keep up with the fashion trends, or signed up for courses on grooming, public speaking and confidence building? We invest time and money in trying to change our outer self, but at the end of the day when we look at ourselves in the mirror, what do we say to ourselves?

Many of us project an image of confidence and success through our dressing, poise and presentation, but do we really feel confident and good about ourselves? Are we really happy and motivated? Do we tell ourselves that we have to look good in order to feel good, or feel good in order to look good? Are you kind and supportive to yourself, or do you criticize yourself? Do you berate yourself for things you felt you did wrong, or things you should have done and did not do? Do you feel you are not good enough and compare yourself to others?

Over this 2-day workshop, you will understand more about what it takes in order to make a positive first impression. But to make a lasting impression, you will need to get in touch with your emotions and develop skills to lead a happier and satisfying life. Learn how to manage your thoughts and your feelings. To change your moods and behaviors into energy that will work for you. This workshop will help you find a new perspective on your life experiences.

One of the best ways you could work on an everlasting impression on others is to start working on yourself from the inside out. And that means backtracking and tracing certain life events and experiences which caused you unhappiness, frustration and sadness. Perhaps some of these were swept under the carpet and you never sought closure in the past. Certain thoughts and beliefs can do with a bit of tweaking so that your beliefs support what is required to make yourself authentically happy. There is no replacement for happy feelings and when you naturally have it, your projection is in sync with your true beliefs and intentions. An authentic smile is irreplaceable and it radiates positive energy from within. The lessons taught are an indispensable process for achieving beauty from the inside out.


Anyone who feels that a positive image must come from the inside out.


  • Enhance both your physical appeal and inner beauty
  • Learn more about personal colours and styles
  • Enhance yourself through better personal grooming
  • Develop good posture and poise
  • Know the impact of emotions and how to manage it
  • Establish instant rapport to enhance your social skills
  • Learn to be resilient when dealing with life’s challenges
  • Build your self-confidence by loving yourself and your life
  • Locking the keys to happiness

Administrative Details

Date:  27 & 28 June 2017
Venue: TBC

Early Bird Special: SGD 520 nett (until 28 May 2017).
Group Discount for 2 or more participants: SGD 550 nett per person.
Regular Fee: SGD 650 nett.

Workshop Bonus: Book by Ms Marion Nicole Teo titled Happy Once Again: Beauty from the Inside Out.

Facilitator: Marion Nicole Teo.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Singapore: (+65) 6474 1637 & (+65) 9777 2818
or e-mail

What People Are Saying

“Marion is a true example of what she does and teaches, always immaculately groomed and carries herself with poise and dignity. She is honest, hardworking and trustworthy. We highly recommend Marion for any challenging job which we are sure she will execute with the utmost efficiency.”

Ida Ong
Imp International

“Marion inspires one to be and look one’s best from choice, not from pressure. As in instructor, she brings fact, warmth, glamour, humor and tact in a unique way.”

Ms Nazeerah Gopual
Manager, Service Standards
National Library Board

“I found the last two points on Self-Esteem and Attitude on your slides somewhat unique. I personally appreciate the points that you have brought up in your workshop. I find them to be both helpful and important, if not necessary. I believe it is better to portray a professional image that is genuine and weighty, and not merely external. In other words, we should not only look good on the outside but also be good, or positive, on the inside. That would mean to be healthy on the physical aspect and having a proper self-esteem and attitude on the psychological aspect. Thank you for bringing up these important matters.”

Ebenezer Lee
Faculty of Science, Year 4
National University of Singapore

“Marion is an excellent trainer. Her lectures are clear and informative. Her training in teaching methodology is effective and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Mrs Patricia Moreira
Lecturer, Department of Business Administration
Singapore Polytechnic