I always liked Henry Ford’s statement “If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are right”. In my training or coaching sessions, I have been asked if it’s as easy as what I’ve saying about releasing negative emotions and moving on. So what are negative emotions?  Any issues, situations or experiences that are unresolved will manifest itself as negative emotions. One of the fastest ways to release these un-resourceful emotions and bring about a resolution or closure is to draw out positive learning from that situation. The learning should be phrased in any of these 3 points: Self (about me), Positive and Future.

I had a client who had a lot of anger, resentment and hurt towards her husband as he had an affair with another woman. The client is still living with him and they have 2 young loving kids. For the sake of her children, she wanted to continue the relationship with her husband and was hoping that I could assist her. Even though she wanted to reignite her love for her husband, she felt that she could not and was sure that it would take a long time to recover from her pain. “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are absolutely, 100% right and there is nothing I can do about it”, was my reply. “When you start to belief that it’s possible to release your negative emotions and have the loving family that you want, you would then be able to let go of your anger, hurt and sadness”. Once she made a commitment to herself that she will do whatever it takes, she started to melt away the walls of negative emotions and saw her husband through the eyes of love and compassion.