The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI™) provides a solution to help people measurably improve. The tool assesses competence and delivers a practical roadmap for development. SEI predicts over 54% of important success factors: effectiveness, relationships, quality of life, and health – essential outcomes for thriving.

The SEI Is For

  • Consultants, Trainers & Coaches: Learn how the SEI will help you help your clients.
  • Business & Leaders: See how the SEI will help you build the workforce you need to succeed.
  • Individuals: Take the SEI to gain insight and learn practical strategies to boost your EQ.

The SEI is unique because it is action-oriented, practical, in-depth, international, and backed by world leaders in EQ. With outstanding psychometrics and a solid model for learning, SEI is the best-in-class tool for measuring and developing Emotional Intelligence.

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The Six Seconds EQ Model

The SEI measures eight fundamentals of EQ, including emotional literacy, emotional management, and empathy. The SEI is the only test measuring the Six Seconds’ Model of Emotional Intelligence.

  • Know Yourself is increasing self-awareness. It helps people understand their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Choose Yourself is building self-management and self-direction. It helps people follow their intentions and live more consciously.
  • Give Yourself is aligning daily choices with a larger sense of purpose. It helps people increase wisdom to relate meaningfully with others, lead from the heart, and make the most of life.

The SEI profile is divided into 5 performance zones, with scores for each of the three pursuits, and each EQ competency:

Performance Zones

Six Seconds developed the three-part model in 1997 to help people put the theory of emotional intelligence into practice. The model draws on the work of Peter Salovey, Ph.D. (one of Six Seconds’ advisory board members), and John Mayer, Ph.D. who first defined EQ as a scientific concept. It also builds on the five components of EQ popularized by Daniel Goleman in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, which endorses Six Seconds’ EQ curriculum, Self-Science. The model integrates leading thinking on this emerging science into a practical, usable, memorable structure.


SEI is scored using a sophisticated algorithm that adjusts for answer style and positive impression, applying language-specific norms on each of the 12 scales plus the two self-correcting indices.

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The tool provides a strong factor structure, as detailed in the technical manual, with Cronbach’s Alpha coefficients ranging from .733 to .849.

As shown in this graph, SEI is highly predictive of reported life-success outcomes (in this case: Effectiveness + Health + Relationship Quality + Quality of Life).

EQ and Success

What’s Being Said About The SEI Assessment

“The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI – which also means ‘six’ in Italian) is a proven test that helps people understand and develop emotional intelligence. It features the most comprehensive report of any emotional intelligence test with many practical strategies for performance improvement.”
– CBS Market Watch

“The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence test (SEI™) provides a clear and practical assessment of eight key emotional intelligence (EQ) skills such as emotional literacy, self-management, and empathy. Focused on professional and personal development, the test includes extensive recommendations for learning and improvement.”
– Yahoo News

SEI Clients Include

The US Navy, Schlumberger, FedEx, Eastman Kodak, Daimler Benz, Eli Lilly, Media General, US Marine Corps, Federal Reserve Bank Altanta, IHS Energy, Shell Petroleum, HSBC, National University of Singapore, and many more leading organizations world-wide.

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