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Emotional Intelligence

The debate over intelligence has long been a futile one because the emphasis has largely been that success in school equates to success at work. Most of us have failed to recognise how low achievers in school have turned out extremely confident and successful later with many academically competent ones dwindling in the later years. Individuals may be academically or technically competent but may not utilise the fundamental resources available to them which allow others to connect with them and be connected with themselves. This debate about cognitive competence (IQ, technical, academia) and emotional competence (self-awareness, social skills, perseverance, empathy and self control) have had many psychologists and researchers in the spotlight because of their invaluable findings which favour the latter.

Come and explore the myriad of ways to connect with people through essential people skills and realise that intelligence can be built if you develop emotional awareness. The workshops are fully hands-on and highly interactive through activities, videos and discussions, meant for people who realise that emotions drive our feelings, attitudes, mood and behaviors and ultimately our sense of well-being.

The Workshops

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