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Activity Deck

The Activity Deck is created for Facilitators or Trainers when using the EQ Competency Framework during a Workshop. There are Competency Definition cards, which defines the EQ competency as well as some healthy behaviours that one would demonstrate. There are the Choice-Reaction Cycle cards, which is used to faciliate the learning and application

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Decision Deck

The Decision Deck has 4 categories; Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviours / Actions and Hopes. Each category has cards with Negative / Unhealthy, Positive / Healthy and Neutral responses. There are also instructions for 3 different activities. One is to demonstrate how thoughts, feelings and behaviours/actions can affect outcomes. The next to demonstrate how thought

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EQ Advice Cards

These Advice Cards are based on the EQ Competency Framework, where each competency has 7 advice statements. These cards can be used in a variety of ways, during small group activities or when coaching. For example, groups can compare the statements within a competency and choose the best one to share with other

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Enneagram Insights

This Deck can be used during a Workshop for group discussions or for a Coaching session. It has 6 Categories for each of the 9 Types: • Developed (Healthy / Resourceful / Positive Behaviours) • Needs Developing (Unhealthy / Unresourceful / Negative Behaviours) • Dislikes • Focus of Attention • Emotional Habits (Vulnerabilities

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Leadership Program

Leading with EQ develops Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to increase their effectiveness at the “people side” of leadership. This unique approach to learning that’s been effective for hundreds of professionals from six continents.

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The EQ Competency Framework has 9 EQ behaviours that are observable and measurable. We created this profile based on at least 15 years of performance standards and measurements so that each one who eventually takes this profile can influence change through clearly defined behaviours and corresponding actions.

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EQ Videos

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